Competence is our asset.

Excellent legal knowledge. Many years of practice.

Specialized in entrepreneurial consulting fields.

Establishing and running businesses

  • Advice and organizational support for start-ups, choice of the appropriate company form, financing concepts, concepts for limiting liability, start-up advice
  • M&A Advice
  • Acquisition, restructuring and transformation of companies
  • Articles of association, implementation of new companies in existing corporate structures or in private assets
  • Continuous advice and support in corporate practice

Corporate succession

  • Corporate law
  • Tax law, included gifting/inheritance tax law
  • Management contracts, including pension commitments
  • Conceptions for heirs to give way
  • Succession planning for corporate and private assets
  • Securing the entrepreneurial family

Succession in and structuring of private assets

  • Legal and tax issues when optimizing investments
  • Donation contracts, wills and inheritance contracts
  • Gifting/inheritance tax issues
  • Advice and support in the creation of separate businesses, and private areas wherein to avoid or reduce liability
  • Organizational, legal and tax optimization or realignment of corporate management and existing corporate structures
  • Legal and tax advice, and support in business or strategic planning for new corporate concepts
  • Establishment and transformation of real estate companies
  • Optimization and review of real estate purchases and sales contracts
  • Participation agreements
  • Conceptual and tax issues related to capital investments
  • Succession planning for real estate assets and investments
  • Establishing a foundation or a limited liability company
  • Elaboration of the statutes
  • Advice and representation in the approval process by the supervisory authority
  • Legal and tax advice in relation to asset management
  • Insolvency reports on behalf of bankruptcy courts
  • Insolvency administration
  • Insolvency plan proceedings
  • Self-administration and protective shield proceedings
  • Restructuring plans according to StaRUG
  • Avoidance actions and enforcement of claims in insolvency proceedings including legal representation
  • Advice on the application for insolvency proceedings
  • Representation of the management or shareholders in insolvency proceedings